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In 2015 an artist by the name of WebsterX became known within the hip hop community. Finally putting Milwaukee on the map in regards to hip hop Evolution. WebsterX created his own sound which is more atmospheric by nature. His views on Spotify reached over 2 million on Spotify for his single Doomsday. WebsterX has developed a community within Milwaukee of aspiring young artists.



WebsterX's efforts along with groups of other local artists have made Milwaukee a force to be reckoned with. New Age Narcissism is a hip hop collective that include WebsterX, Lex Allen, Siren,Q the Sun, Lord fredee and other artists that are River West natives. They have established a prominent presence within the genre of hip hop.



For example, Ishdarr is a Milwaukee native who has made a name for his self in the main stream light. Not only is he another hip hop artist, but he is also an actor and he is most well known for his role on the hit tv show Arrested Development. He acts along side actors such as Jason Bateman and Michael Cera. He has performed with many local hip hop artists and was also the first local artist to perform at Summer Fest. Ishdarr is one of the most prominent up and coming artists from Milwaukee and his contributions are noted in the community.

Shle Berry is a female hip hop artist from Milwaukee. She performs locally and is making a name for herself within the Milwaukee hip hop scene. In 2018 she was awarded the Shepard's Express Best Hip Hop Artist award. She also received an award from 88.9 Radio Milwaukee for Best independent release. The Milwaukee hip hop scene is a diverse community and welcomes female artists such as herself. The music she makes is heartfelt and honest making her sound truly unique in the hip hop industry. She is still making moves in the industry with her unique style and many people are excited for her rise in the industry.

Kia Rap Princess is another Milwaukee female hip hop artist that is exploding on to the hip hop scene. Her music is diverse ranging from not only hip hop, but R&B as well. She has performed alongside Shle Berry and many other female artists at the 2019 Pridefest in Milwaukee. This local Emcee is fairly new to the industry, but is already partnered with a music company called Blaqlizt. Her fans are excited to see her grow within the community as a prominent female hip hop artist.

What all these artists have in common is that they all have one collective idea, which is to better the community and help nurture the seeds of hip hop and art within the community. This is most likely the reason why the city of Milwaukee has become a DIY oasis for musicians and artists. The community is working together to hold each other up.

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