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    The city of Milwaukee is filled with culture from the night life to the architecture and Art. Hip hop is currently the most popular music genre in the U.S. according to Nielsen Music's 2017 year-end rand art. The people that have come together to create this growing hip hop/urban culture renaissance continue to do amazing things for the youth of Milwaukee. Non-Profits such as FreeSpace, TrueSkool and even UWM have funded all age venue projects in Milwaukee, after school programs and art showcases establishing a presence within many areas of Milwaukee. I decided to write on this topic out of praise for this community that has incorporated creativity and education to create a safe place for the youth of Milwaukee. This genre of music has negative reception due to graphic content relating to drugs, gang violence, and misogyny etc. To people from urban areas these are the stories of their environment. This being said the hip hop community of Milwaukee along with educators are using this genre of music to help establish a safe creative environment for students from elementary school through college.

Milwaukee has never had the opportunity to be put on the map as a contributor to hip hop and its evolution. During the development of the Midwest style of hip hop, Milwaukee was fairly absent. Things changed in 2015 when local artists  established a presence in the main stream arena of hip hop. The culture in Milwaukee is now thriving and growing like never before. With the help of organizations like free space and radio 88nine the city is becoming a bustling community of creativity.

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