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According to 88Nine's Backspin podcast “Search for Milwaukee’s first Hip-Hop song“ the development of Milwaukee's hip hop scene is complicated. The story told is about the progress of hip hop in the city of Milwaukee and its derivations. This podcast turns the story of Milwaukee's first rap song into a beautiful historical tale of Milwaukee itself. Tyrone Barney and Justin Miller the narrators of this podcast discuss not only the history of the introduction of hip hop music in Milwaukee, but they talk about the creation of hip hop itself in society. Mentioning the first pioneer, Dj Kool Herc and how it all started because he recorded himself rhyming over songs he looped together on a turn table.




This podcast is culturally important because they speak about the Milwaukee hip hop scene and its development by tracing the origins of music in the community. They stress how significant a role the radio played in the 70’s and the 80’s when it came to distributing this music out to the people of Milwaukee. When it comes to community pride and urban culture in Milwaukee 88nine radio is extremely vital to the city. They celebrate the local artist and help water the seeds of artistic expression within Milwaukee.

The Majestics would create the first hip hop song in the state of Wisconsin in 1982 called “Class A.” Milwaukee has had hip hop artists who have became nationally known over the decades such as the Rusty pelicans, A-tack in 1986 and Coo Coo Cal in 2001. When it comes to most mainstreams ideas about the development of hip hop in the country, the city of Milwaukee is usually absent . This does not mean that there were not contributions  from Milwaukee .The 2000s was a time when hip hop artists were pushing their way into the light, but in 2015 the city had an emergence of hip hop artists who would become nationally recognized and influence our community like never before.

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